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Usually a chance of snow will send us photographers scurrying for the nearest field featuring a lone tree. Instead, yesterday I threw on longjohns, boots, two jackets, and gloves to watch people in gorilla costumes and Daniel’s shower costume from Karate Kid race singlespeed cyclocross bikes through the woods. And it was awesome. Even Mayor […]


Keeping the Philly-themed wallpaper rolling this month with one of my favorite recent shots. I had a 30-minute break while shooting the opening night of Opera Philadelphia’s production of Nabucco back in September. With some time to kill, a tripod, and easy access to South Broad Street, I got to make a fool of myself […]


Nabucco on the Mall

My head is still spinning from what a year 2013 has been so far, and there’s still a few months to go. The year has seen my work show up in five annual reports (two covers), a handful of magazines (also two covers), a bunch of print sales, and some shiny new gear. Toss some […]


The Crack of the Bat

I had the great pleasure of shooting the Athletic Base Ball Club of Philadelphia, the city’s vintage base ball team, last weekend – I also wrote about the team for Hidden City Philadelphia – as they took on the Diamond State Base Ball Club of Delaware. The teams played two matches, one of the Philadelphia […]


Funny that after my last post – about mobile phone photography and how slow I was to take to it – my favorite camera app, VSCO Cam, received a major overhaul. Instead of 99 cents, the good folks at Visual Supply Co. have made version 2.0 free (with the option to expand the 10 presents […]


I should start this post with a lament about how I should be posting more, keeping on top of my personal work. Fortunately, I’ve been insanely busy making a go at this semi-pro (meaning every bit of spare time that I’m not working the day job) photographer. Things have been great. No complaints other than […]


Four Days on Lake Hauto

Ah, spring break. That wonderful time of year where my wife gets to unwind after months of dealing with close to 30 first graders. It’s also that wonderful time of year where we can’t decide where to go or what to do for fear of invoking the wrath of a two-year-old who does not like […]


Let’s get this out of the way first … I was super skeptical when Visual Supply Company announced VSCO Film 03. The first two film packs have been part of my regular workflow since they were announced. I grew up shooting film and developing it in my high school friend’s basement, and, years later, I […]


Gung How Fat Choy

Sunday, February 10, 2013, marked the start of the Year of the Snake, and Philadelphia’s Chinatown was once again the place to be. Blessed with good weather, a horde of folks descended on the neighborhood for the annual Lion Dance Parade. I’ve honestly never seen so much camera firepower in my life outside of a […]


Opening Night

Earlier this week, I was invited to shoot a dress rehearsal of Opera Philadelphia’s production of the 2012 Pulitzer Prize winning Silent Night. I’m not much of an opera guy (don’t tell my wife) but it was a blast. Given that I was working the whole time, I couldn’t follow along with the supertitles and […]