South Broad Street – November 2013 Wallpaper

Keeping the Philly-themed wallpaper rolling this month with one of my favorite recent shots. I had a 30-minute break while shooting the opening night of Opera Philadelphia’s production of Nabucco back in September. With some time to kill, a tripod, and easy access to South Broad Street, I got to make a fool of myself making long exposures on the median while wearing a suit. Now you can enjoy my embarrassment on your desktop. Click here for a 2560 by 1440 version.

If you’re not from Philly, Broad Street is one of the busiest arterial roadways in the city. That’s a pleasant way of saying traffic sucks. Our stadiums sit at its south end, Temple University at its north end. The south side of city hall – the building dead center in the image – was designated the Avenue of the Arts and includes a slew of theaters and performance venues, as well as the University of the Arts. Along with Market Street, it serves as one of the main lines of demarcation as is our main parade drag (though we’ve only been treated to four sports parades since 1974) and it’s long been a place for us to assemble, as evidenced in this photo from armistice day from the defunct Philadelphia Public Ledger.

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