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Usually a chance of snow will send us photographers scurrying for the nearest field featuring a lone tree. Instead, yesterday I threw on longjohns, boots, two jackets, and gloves to watch people in gorilla costumes and Daniel’s shower costume from Karate Kid race singlespeed cyclocross bikes through the woods. And it was awesome. Even Mayor […]


Funny that after my last post – about mobile phone photography and how slow I was to take to it – my favorite camera app, VSCO Cam, received a major overhaul. Instead of 99 cents, the good folks at Visual Supply Co. have made version 2.0 free (with the option to expand the 10 presents […]


I should start this post with a lament about how I should be posting more, keeping on top of my personal work. Fortunately, I’ve been insanely busy making a go at this semi-pro (meaning every bit of spare time that I’m not working the day job) photographer. Things have been great. No complaints other than […]


An Idea Grows in Darby

I recently wrote a short story for Hidden City Philadelphia about a program being developed by historians and preservationists in Darby, PA, in which they’d create an academy to teach high school kids and out-of-work construction workers/tradesmen how to preserve the numerous aging properties in the borough. Above is John Haigis, who, with his wife, […]


Philly Photo Day

If you’re reading this on Friday, October 26, you shouldn’t be. Today is Philly Photo Day, and if you’re in and around the city you need to grab your camera, get out, and make some pictures. After doing so, make sure to take your best shot and upload it over at the Philadelphia Photo Arts […]


Spring, Sprang, Sprung

Fitting in perfectly with this year, it is now very chilly after being absolutely glorious last week. Late spring was in full effect in early March, so much so that the cherry blossoms got impatient and thought they’d show up. Gifted with an unexpected day off with junior, we hit Crum Woods and Swarthmore College […]