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Philly Photo Day

If you’re reading this on Friday, October 26, you shouldn’t be. Today is Philly Photo Day, and if you’re in and around the city you need to grab your camera, get out, and make some pictures. After doing so, make sure to take your best shot and upload it over at the Philadelphia Photo Arts […]


Love Letter to Philadelphia

I spent last night (October 10, 2012) working an event at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel, formerly the PSFS Building. It’s a fantastic bit of architecture by Howe and Lescaze, and the first skyscraper in the U.S.built in the International style. Capping off its excellence is the view from the 33rd floor, now a lounge/event space […]


It had been ages since we visited Philadelphia’s Italian Market – woefully long, actually, considering we lived right around the corner from it until 2008 – so we made an early morning visit Saturday to soak up the lively atmosphere while looking for inexpensive produce and artisan cheeses. I love the market. Nothing can smell […]


I photographed Robert Yaro, president of the Regional Plan Association, this week for CONTEXT magazine, the journal of AIA Philadelphia. The shoot was on of the most trying shoots I’ve ever had. Robert is a high-speed rail advocate, so our original intention was to photograph him in Philadelphia’s beautiful 30th Street Station. Photography is allowed […]


Despite suffering from the weirdest 24-hour virus I’ve ever had (seriously, the absolute worst headache I’ve ever had, coupled with crazy chills and a 102+ fever) we spent Sunday afternoon out at Kohler Farms in Prospectville for some old fashioned pumpkin picking. Despite having lived in nearby Horsham for a few years when I was […]


Happy Park(ing) Day!

Always fun to cover Park(ing) Day in Philadelphia, during which teams create small parks in quite a few of the city’s parking spaces to re-imagine the possibilities of 170 square feet of public space. The event celebrates parks and other public spaces in cities across the country, and raises awareness of the need for more pedestrian-friendly […]


Street Signs

One of my unknown perils of being a new-ish father was the rapid accumulation of flab after the boucing bundle of joy enters this world. I suppose it’s the lack of sleep, added stress, and inability to function in the kitchen that leads to too much takeout. I had always heard of sympathy snacking and […]


Memento Mori

Over the weekend, the Mohnton Professional Car Club – professional car being the softer term used in the funerary business to refer to hearses, limos, flower cars, as well as ambulances – held its annual car and hearse show at Philadelphia’s Laurel Hill Cemetery, one of the most picturesque and ghoulish places within city limits. […]


We’re lucky enough to live near Linvilla Orchards, just outside of Media, PA, the site of super-fun apple and pumpkin picking and a delectable farm store (which boasts the best jalapeno cheddar pull-apart bread I’ve ever head the pleasure of eating). We stopped by Sunday, mainly to get the little guy out of the house […]


Down The Shore

I’m not a beach guy. At all. The last thing I ever want to do is sit on a hot sandy beach for hours on end. Sadly for my vacation plans, my wife loves it and the little guy is following in her footsteps. So, in what is quickly becoming a summer trend that I […]