Portraits of a City

Winter is one of the toughest times, I think, from a photographic point of view. For those of us not lucky/driven/talented enough to make 100 percent of our income from making images, it most likely means leaving for work while it’s still dark, (most likely) sitting in an office for the bulk of the day, and trudging home again in the dark. So much darkness can make a man feel like a hermit.


That said, I’ve given myself a project to work on while we slog through December, January, and February: make 100 black and white “portraits” of Philadelphia in six months, mostly with my Fuji X100, the camera that’s almost always with me. (I love that little guy, by the way, warts and all). When I say portraits, I’m not necessarily talking about photos of the folks who live in my fine burg, but rather all the parts of the whole.


Two weeks in, and I’ve made about 17 so far. I may have to expand this to 200! A few of my favorites are posted here. The rest you can find over on Flickr.


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