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Portraits of a City

Winter is one of the toughest times, I think, from a photographic point of view. For those of us not lucky/driven/talented enough to make 100 percent of our income from making images, it most likely means leaving for work while it’s still dark, (most likely) sitting in an office for the bulk of the day, […]


Billboard’s Top 20

It’s been a great year, photographically. From a glut of paying jobs, licensing out of nowhere, and winding up in a book about the transformation of the Globe Dye Works and Stuff Magazine, I’ve been incredibly fortunate in 2012. Last week, I got even more great news. As I blogged a few weeks ago, Philly […]


Ships Ahoy

After several whirlwind weeks, I have to break radio silence to report on one of the most invigorating days out with a camera I’ve had in years. Over the weekend, I participated in a urban exploration workshop with Matthew Christopher of Abandoned America fame in conjunction with the excellent folks at Hidden City Philadelphia. Designed […]


Philly Photo Day

If you’re reading this on Friday, October 26, you shouldn’t be. Today is Philly Photo Day, and if you’re in and around the city you need to grab your camera, get out, and make some pictures. After doing so, make sure to take your best shot and upload it over at the Philadelphia Photo Arts […]


Love Letter to Philadelphia

I spent last night (October 10, 2012) working an event at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel, formerly the PSFS Building. It’s a fantastic bit of architecture by Howe and Lescaze, and the first skyscraper in the U.S.built in the International style. Capping off its excellence is the view from the 33rd floor, now a lounge/event space […]


Vanishing Act

Let me start by saying this: I love my son more than anything. He’s awesome, hilarious, and incredibly cute. He’s the best thing that has ever happened in my life, save for meeting my wife. That said, it is damn hard to get up and out of the house early in the morning with him […]


Street Signs

One of my unknown perils of being a new-ish father was the rapid accumulation of flab after the boucing bundle of joy enters this world. I suppose it’s the lack of sleep, added stress, and inability to function in the kitchen that leads to too much takeout. I had always heard of sympathy snacking and […]


A few weeks ago, I was excited to see the Picture Challenge group on link-sharing powerhouse Reddit had posted a challenge posed by the Kennedy Center. The challenge revolved around the Center’s “What’s Going on … Now” project, which celebrates the 40th anniversary of Marvin Gaye’s performance of his best-known record, “What’s Going On.” The […]


Monochrome Monday

At my first day back at work since the¬†Hawaiian-themed Philadelphia Flower Show began, I find it quite funny that I faced dreary, grey skies on my lunchtime walkaround while color exploded inside the walls of the convention center. After another unusally warm weekend, I stuck close to the area around my office today as the […]


The Theme is Steam

I’ve always loved the street photography shots that feature steam as a unique element. You generally see a lot of those coming out of New York City. Philadelphia is vastly different in the amount of steam we have being pumped out of the ground, and, generally, it’s funneled through large, chimney-like contraptions to keep it […]