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Gung How Fat Choy

Sunday, February 10, 2013, marked the start of the Year of the Snake, and Philadelphia’s Chinatown was once again the place to be. Blessed with good weather, a horde of folks descended on the neighborhood for the annual Lion Dance Parade. I’ve honestly never seen so much camera firepower in my life outside of a […]


Billboard’s Top 20

It’s been a great year, photographically. From a glut of paying jobs, licensing out of nowhere, and winding up in a book about the transformation of the Globe Dye Works and Stuff Magazine, I’ve been incredibly fortunate in 2012. Last week, I got even more great news. As I blogged a few weeks ago, Philly […]


Monochrome Monday

At my first day back at work since the¬†Hawaiian-themed Philadelphia Flower Show began, I find it quite funny that I faced dreary, grey skies on my lunchtime walkaround while color exploded inside the walls of the convention center. After another unusally warm weekend, I stuck close to the area around my office today as the […]


Paper Lanterns

Actually, this should be titled why you should always carry your camera with you. I’ve been super sick for the last five days, probably the most sick I’ve ever been in my entire life. It started Friday on the way home from work, and culminated yesterday when my condition finally started heading upward instead of […]